Dynamic Stretch

Live dynamic movement classes (On-site or Remote) catered to YOUR employee's unique needs

Counter the negetive effects of sitting long days in front of the computer.

 Increase your flexibility, range of motion and prevent injuries with these effective dynamic stretch workouts.  Dynamic movement classes can be stand alone exercise or the perfect compliment to other workouts or activities. 

Adapted for all ages and all fitness levels.

Dynamic Stretching Includes


10/30 min. Live on-site or Live Remote dynamic movement classes to Increase flexibility and mobility while reducing aches and pain.

Desk Stretch 

Counter the effects of long hours at your desk with deskercise....
in 5 minutes or less.

Stretches you can do right at your desk! 

Team Challenges  

Flexible challenges  customized for your company or organization.  

Group challenges for fun gamification that brings the whole team together.

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